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Anti-Snoring Device

Anti-Snoring Device

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  1. Anti-Snoring Aid Sleep Device is made of durable and soft medical silicone,free providing good sleep and being absolutely safe.
  2. Anti Snoring Devices are Natural and Comfortable Snore Relief for Men and Women which have an ergonomic shape and are designed to help you stop snoring
  3. Reusable Nasal Dilators are made of high-quality materials

How to use

  1. Wash with 50-60 degrees warm water
  2. Hold the nose clip with the silicone part facing up.
  3. Slowly insert the silicone part into the nasal cavity Our anti-snoring nose clips are physically sized and breathe smoothly into the nostrils without any discomfort. 

High quality and durable materials Modern design reproduces the anatomy of the nose for a pleasant sleep. Medical grade silicone for a comfortable fit. FDA approved materials provide the safest sleep, allowing you to stay energized

Anti-snoring equipment. The blue part of our anti-snoring device is a filter that not only prevents snoring, but also prevents harmful gases from helping you breathe better. It is safe and reliable with medical grade silica gel. No smell.  

The most effective solution for snoring. The solution to the problem of snoring is to physically open the airways and improve breathing. The stagnant device is placed in the nasal cavity. Once the airway dilates, the airflow through the pharyngeal cavity and soft palate is composed of vibration and edema caused by the uvula, reducing or eliminating snoring.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 284 reviews
Jerod Farrell

At first, I was skeptical but knowing that snoring can make married couples sleep in separate bed, and this is not something I would like to go through. I decided to buy it... Last night, thanks to this device I slept like a baby and my husband no longer snores. Thank you so much!

Lambert Thompson

Bought this for my mother who snores all the time, after she started using the product it definitely reduced her snoring. she also mentioned it takes a little getting used too, but after a couple nights it actually helped her sleep better.

Magdalena Carroll

This little device helps my breathing so much at night. I wake up more refreshed. There’s only one issue I have. It could use a strap that helps keep it in place. Sometimes It falls out in the middle of the night and when I get up in the morning our dogs find it before I do. I need to order my 3rd one thanks to my puppies. Please make them dog proof.

Elliot Adams

My wife snores. It's not too loud but definitely loud enough to keep me awake if I'm already having trouble falling asleep. I got her this anti-snoring device and she's been a good sport about it. And so far, no snoring!

Neha Gislason

This was awesome for my husband. It was so nice having a quite week of sleep because my husband wasn’t snoring with this. I’m encouraging him to buy another :)