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Orthopedic Corrector for Hallux Valgus

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Are you complexed by the appearance of your feet on a daily basis? Do you want to   effectively correct bone deformities , but want to avoid painful and expensive surgery ?

If you have hallux valgus , your feet are sure to be sore , stiff, or irritated . You don't have to resign  yourself to this pain all your life.

Discover a natural and painless solution . An orthopedic corrector  designed by professionals  to  reduce toe pain while improving the aesthetics of your feet.


The most advanced corrector on the market to relieve deformity of the hallux valgus and improve the alignment of your big toe. Put an end to joint pain and irritated skin when rubbing with your shoes.

Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps, the corrector adapts to all foot sizes and is suitable for both men and women.

This is a rest splint, so static use is recommended. Preferably when you sleep, but also while working, watching television or reading. You can make trips if necessary.

Comfortable and simple device to put on with hook-and-loop fasteners  that conform to your foot shape .


Frequently asked Questions

How often and for how long should I wear it?

We recommend daily use of the orthopedic corrector. It is preferable to be static when you wear the orthosis: while you sleep, in front of the television, sitting position ...

After how long can I get a result?

The feeling of alignment of the thumb is felt immediately. The visual appearance changes from the second week of use.

Is the corrector suitable for all body types and sizes?

Yes, this one is designed for both male and female feet. Its adjustment makes it possible to adapt to all sizes.

Can the orthosis be used in case of torsion or fracture?

Many professionals recommend this qualitative corrector to treat other deformities or as part of rehabilitation following a sprain or fracture.

Is it possible to move around with the splint?

Yes, you can move around with the splint but we encourage static use at home.

Can the splint be worn on both feet?

The corrector can be worn on the left and on the right. If you have deformities on both feet, you can buy two units and wear them at the same time.