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Multi-functional Hammer in a clever design, it is a power nail gun, pipe plier, live wrench, screwdriver, Clamps Pincers, vise, hammer and so on.

  • ✅Novel structure, the application scope is wide, Multi-function, perfect combination of rich tools, meet your different needs.
  • ✅Apply to house furniture maintenance, outdoor camping, factory processing, etc.
  • ✅It is forged of special tool steel, so it is durable.
  • ✅Multi-function Universal Hammer, more convenient to carry and operate.




  1. Help nail, with a common masonry nail in the front of the pliers, then hit the nail by the hammer, can easily penetrate the steel pipe, iron pipe, iron plate, concrete, cement floor, etc. and the concrete nail will not be deformed, twisted and broken.
  2. Itself is a hammer, can act as any function that a hammer. And it can stretch, where ordinary hammers can't reach, but it can.
  3.  It has the function of the screwdriver, Slotted, and Cross
  4.  It can be used as an active wrench; it can adjust from the small to the big.
  5.  Act as a function of pipe pliers, for the general tubes, you all can twist it
  6.  It can be used for curling edge. (Sheet metal live)
  7.  Pull out the broken nail.
  8. Drilling on the hard objects or perforated assembly line on the ceramic tile. (Method: will the word oblique head screwdriver 45 degrees on the tile rotation. Soon it will drill a hole, does not cause the tiles to fall off broken.)
  9. Can pull the cap nails.
  10.  Can be used as a vise, cut wire, and nails under No. 8






  • Colors: red handle
  • Hammer head material: high carbon steel tool steel
  • Handle material: steel
  • Explosion-proof: yes
  • Size: 20.5 * 11 * 2.2 cm/8.07 * 4.33 * 0.86 inch



Package Included:

  • 1 x Universal Hammer



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