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The EASIEST Way To Lay Tiles Like A Professional and Save Time & Money.

Want to be able to lay tiles like a PRO and get that FLAWLESS finish? Well, you need this Reusable Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System which EASILY lay PERFECT titles on any DIY project. As a DIYer, tiling is one of those projects that is VERY difficult to replicate the work of a true artisan/professional. There are lippage and general unevenness, and ultimately you will end up hating the work you did.

However that is NO MORE ! If you are working on remodeling your bathroom, shower, kitchen or basement, this tool is a total MUST. Even professionals can use these to SPEED up their work
NO more tapping and excessive thinset to make everything lineup. This system is COMPLETELY foolproof and SAVES time, stress, guesswork and money. Perfect for amateurs and even professionals

You can lay tile like a PROFESSIONAL. All of your lineups will be completely FLAWLESS and everything will be 100% level with in all four sides of the tile.
The Tile Leveling System is REUSABLE so you can do ALL of your projects. Suitable for 3mm to 25mm thickness of the tile, suitable for tile gap ≥2mm.
Why make your next job harder when you DON'T have to?

  • Material: PP
  • Gross weight: 560g
  • Net weight: 550g
  • Package includes:
    • 50 x Reusable Anti-Lippage Tile Leveling System
    • x Special Wrench 

Customer questions & answers:

1.Question:How do you remove it if the mortar sets up?
Answer:Before the cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually no more than 6 hours), tighten the adjusting cover in the opposite direction, then rotate the T-pin 90 degrees so that the T-pin turns to a zigzag parallel to the tile, and remove the leveler.
2.Question:How are you supposed to remove these before 6 hrs, if you can't walk on the tile for 12 to 24 hours after laying it?
Answer:A skilled decorator should know that the general tile can be stepped in the middle after 6 hours, but be careful to step on it. thank you very much.
3.Questionwhat thickness tile do these work on?
Answer:You can use these levelers in a max thickness of tile is 1/2 in. This will give you enough room to drop the tee below the tile and tighten. It will not work on anything thicker than 1/2 inch.
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