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Toe Corrector

Toe Corrector

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Are your bunions hurting or have you notice your toe not in shape? Our new Big Bone Orthopedic Bunion Corrector Silicone Socks is here to help!

The Orthopedic Bunion Corrector is professionally designed to reduce bunion pain and get you back on your feet. This simple fix can solve your foot problems in the most cost-efficient and easiest way possible without undergoing surgery. By wearing the bunion sleeve, it will gently re-align toes to their natural position.

It is made from a SOFT ELASTIC material that makes it COMFORTABLE when worn. The SOFT GEL helps reduce the friction between toes and shoes which enables you to move NATURALLY while keeping their ALIGNMENT.

Symptoms can include:

  • Pain or soreness
  • Inflammation and redness
  • A Burning sensation
  • Possible numbness

Bunions are a progressive disorder. They begin with a leaning of the big toe, gradually changing the angle of the bones over the years and slowly producing the characteristic bump, which becomes increasingly prominent and makes the deformity get progressively worse.


  • COMPLETE BUNION PAIN RELIEF: Helps with discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions. Cushions and supports the bunion area so that you can take every step with renewed comfort. Bunion corrector is guaranteed to relieve your bunion pain.
  • ABSOLUTE PROTECTION: Medical Grade Gel protects skin while walking and exercising. Gel pad acts as a buffer to shield the sensitive bunion area to prevent painful rubbing from occurring. Activities will now be pain-free and enjoyable again.
  • BUNION RELIEF THAT CAN BE WORN WITH SHOES: This bunion protector can be worn discreetly under shoes, socks, and stockings for undetectable protection. Can be worn in all kinds of shoes including your most elegant pair. Feel and look your best with these bunion corrector sleeves.
  • SECURE, COMFORTABLE FIT: Enjoy the secure fit of these bunion sleeves. These bunion toe straightener sleeves are one size that fits all and can be worn by men and women alike.

This is a natural way and non-surgical option to heal your bunion and realign the bones of your big toe to its natural position.


ANTISLIP SOCKS - Bunion correctors should be worn in socks or shoes to anti-slip if need to walk in the daytime or sleep at night. Fits for men and women, day and night

PAIN RELIEVER - Bunion sleeve provides pain relief for hallux valgus, a toe overlapping, a bunion or toe drift via the gel pad to reduce friction between bunions and outside.


BIG GEL PADS - Compare with simple feet sleeves, bunion corrector has big gel pads to separate thumbs and toes

STRAIGHTEN CURVED TOES - Re-adjust the toe joints and gently help straighten the curved toes, with a pressure of the soft silicone, the toe straightener helps straighten and correct toe day by day

HIGH-QUALITY - Made of high-quality and soft gel, bunion support brace brings you a comfortable wearing experience. 

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Customer Reviews

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Christina Herman

Thank you very much, fast delivery .. I ordered my mother, after application I will add feedback.

Hilario O'Hara

As the picture, more don't ניסינו

Irma Kub

Fast delivery to Lipetsk came in 25 days. A good thing ordered the second time the first ordered the mother she remained happy says to walk in them the leg does not hurt but in the shoes it does not work out to slide but around the house the very top of the sock and forward. Yes silicone is very soft and in place of cones inside the silicone pellet is very comfortable.

Herta Russel

The order came in a month to Belarus. corresponds to the description. Very nice on the leg. I'll wait for the result. Thanks to the seller. I recommend.

Adam Ward

I am satisfied with the product but the shipping not satisfied. Anyway thank you seller .